"For the past two years Van Otis Chocolates has supported our music school fundrasier by discounting and designing chocolates for our school. Our students love the delicious, quality chocolates that are selling effortlessly. Van Otis has taken the time and effort to ensure we recieve a quality product. Thank you for your efforts and we look forward to our next batch of chocolates!"


Fundraising Tips

Set your Goals.
Before you start your campaign know how much money needs to be raised. Then set a date for when the fundraiser should start and how long it should run for. Think about which method of fundraising would work best in your group or community. Give yourself plenty of time to plan!

Publicize your campaign.
Depending on the size of your fundraiser you can put an ad in the paper or hand out flyers. Make friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors aware of the fundraiser.

Managing Your Money.

To help manage your money set a specific date when all money needs to be turned in. Keep records of everyone who has turned in money and how much has been turned in. Make sure all money is kept together and is safe or locked away.

Stay organized.

Keep copies of orders to ensure timely and accurate delivery of orders and product. Mark your fundraising campaign on your community calendar to make sure that other fundraising programs, events, or activities don’t interfere with the fundraiser.

Have fun and good luck!